What We Do
We design, develop and deploy websites.  The best websites are dynamic websites that allow the website owner the ability to keep their website up to date and accurate. 

RopoFam has the ability to offer a basic templated website which utilizes a web content admin tool.  The current website you are viewing is created in this template that is setup with a header, footer, left menu, right menu and a middle content area.  I have other companies as well that are currently utilizing the template (our work).  All the content is managed from a web admin tool.  You can add, remove, dynamically link the content throughout the website.  The advantage of working with this kind of tool is the ability to keep your content up to date and accurate.  The website owner admin can utilize the content admin tool to manage that data.  Another advantage is the ability to offer this templated web application at a very low price.  Since the code is basically already written the cost is in getting the website setup and in building the content for the pages.  Other features of the templated website include: better SEO (url rewriting), site map, dynamic linking, meta tagging, hits tracking, etc.

If the templated format is not what you are looking for then we do offer custom web development as well.

In today’s world there is a need to be involved in social networking.  RopoFam integrates with these features:

Wordpress Wordpress Blogging is integrated within your site. Example: RopoFam Blog
Facebook Facebook:  We can help setup a Facebook business page.  Example: RopoFam Facebook
Twitter Twitter: We can help setup Twitter.  Example: RopoFam Twitter (@ropofam)
Google Apps Also, we do setup web mail (Google Apps).  Users who have websites should also have emails with their same domain address.  It makes you look more professional!  Example: RopoFam Email

If you are interested in getting a quote, please email us or you can fill out our contact form.

I utilize an outside vendor to host my clients websites.  Utilizing this model is benefitical because the vendor has the responsibility of making sure their web servers are running, up to date with the most current patches and they support many options for web development.  My job is to understand these options an take them and make my clients web applications that gives them a sound web presence.